A lover of music, creativity, originality and innovation, Wu Chang is more than a DJ or MC… he’s an entertainer.

His love of music began as a kid while listening to the DJs he heard on the radio. Those early influences unknowingly lead Wu Chang to discover his calling and, in 1996, he started making mix-tapes for his friends.

Stumbling upon a natural talent for programming, Wu decided to take his passion for music a step further and began DJing house parties in high school. After graduation, Wu relocated to Orlando, FL landing a job on the radio at WPYO while continuing to perfect his skills as a Turntablist & Party Rocker.

It was 2010 when DJ Wu Chang first started traveling internationally to Southeast Asia, with annual residencies in exotic, luxurious locations such as the world’s only underwater night club; Subsix at NIYAMA in the Maldives.

When Wu Chang isn’t rocking clubs, weddings, corporate events and the occasional luxury resorts in Southeast Asia, he’s behind the scenes programming, producing and over-seeing promotional staffs. Currently he and can be can be heard on multiple radio stations throughout the US & Caribbean.

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