DJ SEAN LEE – Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Sean’s journey as a DJ started over 20 years ago, stemming from the love of house music and a booming scene in Chicago with names like Jumpin’ Julian Perez, DJ Skribble, Bad Boy Bill and many others. Like any aspiring DJ, Sean’s footsteps began with the alure of the nightclub scene and branched into shows of all types including bars, pubs, college scenes, house parties, and some extremely memorable wedding receptions.

His skill set developed through mainstream music and grew with residencies as a hip-hop DJ as well as a progressive trance DJ, but always with a constant mainstream presence. Like most DJs, those close to Sean always wanted him to spin a show or a wedding which developed his skills to entertain people even further. With his tenure mixing music of all types and all genres, Sean has evolved into the ultimate “party DJ.” As the lead resident DJ at Renfield’s Corner in Uptown, Dallas, Sean brings to the table an obvious set of skills in mixing, blending, mashing, and timely drops that push his audience to a fever pitch as he journeys through hip-hop, old school, alternative rock, club, house, dance, and frankly anything with a beat.

Sean’s experience has made him a household name to a number of generations in Wisconsin, and his extended experience includes stints in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cancun, Mexico. You can expect that each and every mix, scratch, drop, and blend is calculated to create an atmosphere that’s both fun and memorable and intended to entertain those listening. There is never a playlist, only a party, and Sean’s experience over the years performing at venues and parties of nearly every type including a recent open for New Kids on the Block, Nelly, and TLC at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas contributes to an unmatched ability to read, understand, and cater to a crowd. Sean’s motto is, “Anyone can play music. Few can entertain!”

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