G-Force started experimenting with mixing and scratching in the late 80s. Since then he has become one of Arkansas’ premier party rocking DJs – playing at various clubs throughout Little Rock multiple times a week. He has the rare ability to entertain all kinds of audiences with his eclectic knowledge of jazz, funk, 70s, 80s, r&b, rock and rap. He has the ability to blend the latest songs you haven’t even heard yet with the classics and sing-a-longs you’ve forgotten about. Since 2000 G-Force has been active in the Little Rock music scene organizing the Hip-Hop show series Under the Ground. He’s also DJ’d in a wide variety of venues all over Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. He is known as one of the top editors in the field of Video DJing and provides remixes for DJs worldwide through Crooklyn Clan and Smash Vision/VJ-Pro.

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